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Uber Driver Charged With Sexual Crimes

Different versions of the story have emerged in the case of a South Florida Uber driver who has been arrested on several charges of sexual battery resulting from incidents that took place over the first half of the year. The driver, who has been accused of sexual assault by three separate women in Boynton Beach, maintains that in two of the incidents, the women offered sex in lieu of payment for their Uber rides. According to police reports, the incidents all occurred in the same area of Boynton Beach.  Even though it was confirmed that the man does drive for Uber, there is no confirmation that he was working for Uber at the time he picked up each of the three women to give them a ride.

Sexual Battery Defined In Florida Code

The crime of sexual battery is defined in Florida Code Section 794.011 along with some of the other terms that are often used when discussing this criminal matter. The crime itself is defined as penetration, either oral, anal or vaginal, by the sexual organ of another person or by an object. The definition excludes any acts performed for a legitimate medical reason.

Punishment Depends Upon The Circumstances

As with so many other crimes, the classification of and punishment for sexual battery depends upon circumstances generally regarding the ages of the offender and the victim, whether a deadly weapon is used in the commission of the crime, and whether the offender had any previous convictions. The younger the victim, the higher the classification and the more severe the punishment; some of the general categories include:

  • Adult (18 years of age or older) offender and victim under 12 years of age – capital felony
  • Offender under 18 and victim under 12 – life felony
  • Victim 12 or older, no consent, with deadly weapon or force – life felony
  • Adult offender and victim between 12 and 17, no consent – first degree felony
  • Adult offender and adult victim, no consent – first degree felony
  • Offender under 18 and victim between 12 and 17, no consent – first degree felony

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