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Teen Awaiting Trial For Murder


A Homestead teenager is behind bars after being charged for murder of another teenager with a machete in the summer of 2015. Video showing the interrogation of the suspect after her arrest shows the intense scene and emphasizes the importance of obtaining proper representation prior to speaking with any law enforcement official when accused of a crime. In the video, the suspect maintains her innocence and is reminded that she has not waived her rights. The suspect agreed to talk to the detective handling the interrogation but repeated her assertion of innocence.

Being Read Your Rights – What Does This Mean?

Whenever someone is arrested, they are supposed to be read their rights. These rights are called Miranda rights. Nearly any TV show or movie involving an arrest or criminal matter refers to Miranda rights.  The rights are, in a nutshell, the right to remain silent and the right to have an attorney present before answering any law enforcement questions. Miranda rights also include the warning that any answer you give could be used against you.  These rights further provide that if at any point during an interrogation a suspect indicates they do not want to continue speaking with authorities without an attorney, the interrogation must stop immediately with no further questioning.

What If Your Miranda Rights Are Violated? Is The Case Over?

Police and other law enforcement officials are educated and trained about the law involving Miranda rights, but sometimes there can be a question of whether proper procedure was followed. If procedure was not followed correctly, any evidence gathered from the interrogation may not be admissible in court.

Protect Your Rights

Those who are unfamiliar with the criminal justice system may not fully understand the importance of speaking with an attorney before giving any information whatsoever to law enforcement. If you have been arrested for a crime, do everything you can to protect yourself – do not speak with anyone about anything without first speaking to an attorney experienced in criminal matters.

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