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Stolen Fritos Lead To Man’s Arrest

A man’s alleged involvement with the recent theft of a large quantity of Frito Lay snacks has resulted in his arrest. According to law enforcement officials, the man was the driver of a stolen tractor trailer that was transporting over $40,000 worth of the products. Police noted that the truck’s cargo was being unloaded at a warehouse in Miami and, when they approached the operation, the driver fled on foot. The police officers were able to catch the man and arrested him. The value of the snack products was only a portion of the total value stolen, which totaled $139,000 when the value of the truck and trailer used to transport the goods was added.

Theft In Florida

Generally speaking, theft means taking or using another person’s property without permission. All thefts are not the same, however, and are known as a variety of different criminal acts, each with specific elements that must be proven by the prosecution in order to lead to conviction of the accused. In Florida, a theft can mean one of several different offenses such as larceny, conversion, misappropriation, or stealing. It can also mean embezzlement or receiving stolen property.

How Much Was Stolen?

The severity of a theft crime in Florida is determined by the value of the items stolen. The higher the value of the stolen goods, the higher the classification of the crime. Florida Code Section 812.014 sets forth the various classifications of theft and details how the degree is affected based on the value of the stolen property. Other factors that affect the classification and punishments include the type of property that has been stolen and the addition of other factors such as vehicles used or property damaged during the commission of the crime itself. Thefts can be categorized as grand theft or petit theft, again based on the value of the items. Those who have not actually stolen the property itself but are involved with the stolen property in some way can be found to have committed a crime as well. Depending upon the level of involvement one has had in the act, their actions can result in a charge for dealing with stolen property, which can be charged as either a first or second degree felony.

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