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Shoe Store Robbery


A late afternoon robbery at a Miami-Dade shoe store has resulted in a police search for the man who got away. According to reports, the robbery suspect was armed with a pistol and demanded that the cashier give him money. The man got several hundred dollars from the cashier and then left the store by bike. Fortunately, despite the threat of the weapon, the cashier was not harmed.

Robbery in Florida – The Basics

In Florida, the crime of robbery is fairly straightforward. Defined in Florida Statute Section 812.13, robbery is generally the act of taking money or property from someone else using force or violence, or the threat of it. The intent can be to deprive the person or property owner of their money or belongings either temporarily or permanently. Robbery is classified as a second degree felony, but suspects convicted of armed robberies can expect to receive harsher penalties associated with its higher classification as a first degree felony depending upon the type of weapon with which the robbery was carried out.

Robbery By Sudden Snatching

A closely related crime to that of robbery is robbery by sudden snatching. Found at Florida Statute Section 812.131, this crime involves taking money or property directly from someone without regard to whether any additional force was used by the suspect or any resistance made by the victim. In this type of act, the victim has knowledge or becomes aware of the taking during the act. It also does not matter whether the victim suffered any injury. Just as with traditional robbery, the intent can be to deprive the victim either permanently or temporarily of their property, and use of a weapon elevates the classification of the crime and increases the potential punishments.

Available Defenses To Robbery Charges

Under certain circumstances, what may at first glance seem like a robbery may actually be something quite different. For example, a suspect accused of robbery may have defenses available to him or her. In cases in which the suspect actually has ownership or right of possession to the taken property, or if the property owner or someone who is in possession of the property has voluntarily given their consent or authorization to the suspect to take the property, the suspect may have a valid defense he or she can raise. As with any criminal charge, speaking with a qualified and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney who can assess your case is the best way to know how you should proceed.

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