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Sexual Assault In Northwest Miami-Dade


As a result of an incident that took place in Northwest Miami-Dade in which a woman was sexually assaulted, police are searching for a man suspected of committing the crime. According to authorities, the woman was threatened at knifepoint and the suspect is considered to be armed and dangerous.

Sexual Battery – Defined By Florida Law

Florida Statute Section 794.011 defines sexual battery as penetration, either orally, anally, or vaginally, with either the sexual organ of another or any other object. This definition, though broad, does include the specific exception that this crime does not include anything done for a medical purpose. The crime is classified as a felony, but the degree of the classification depends upon a variety of factors specific to the case including the age of the perpetrator, the age of the victim, the victim’s mental and/or physical state, and whether or not force or violence was used during the commission of the crime. An additional factor that is considered when determining is whether or not the offense is a repeat offense. The punishments for each of these crimes again depend upon the classification both with respect to length of incarceration as well as fines that can be imposed upon conviction for the crime.

Victims Of Sexual Crime In Florida

As can be seen from the definition, sexual assault and battery takes many forms and claims victims across all segments of society. Though in the vast majority of these types of crimes the victim is female, a significant percentage of victims are male. Additionally, those with mental or physical disabilities are also victimized disproportionately when compared with the general population. Studies and statistics have shown that young victims of these types of crimes have significantly higher risks of developing disorders of all types as a result of their victimization.

Consequences Of Conviction For A Felony Offense

As sexual crimes including assault and battery are felonies, consequences for one convicted of these crimes can have a substantial impact on their future. Beyond the potential prison sentences and fines, the conviction may also require registration in the sex offender registry, may impact the ability to get certain types of jobs or obtain licensure for certain types of careers, and can even affect where one can live after they have served their time. Because of the serious nature of these types of crimes and the potential consequences that may be suffered should a conviction occur, the future of those charged with these crimes depends upon getting the advice of a competent and experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

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