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Revenge-Seeking Woman Charged With Arson

A Florida woman is facing second-degree arson charges after setting a car on fire in an attempt to take revenge on her former boyfriend. However, the woman set the wrong car on fire. According to reports, the woman started a fire in the trunk of the vehicle. Unbeknownst to her, the act was recorded on video and police made an arrest quickly. The woman allegedly believed that the car belonged to her ex-boyfriend, but, in fact, it was someone else’s vehicle. The woman was identified from the video and arrested and now faces criminal charges.

Florida’s Arson Laws

In Florida, one can be charged with either first or second degree arson depending upon the details of the incident. Florida Code Section 806.01 sets forth the particular elements of both degrees of this criminal act. Arson in the first degree is a first degree felony and occurs when a person causes damage due to fire or explosion to a dwelling or structure or the contents of a structure. The act must be committed unlawfully and willfully or be committed during the commission of another felony. If the building is a dwelling, it does not matter if it is occupied or not; if a structure, it can be someplace either where people are normally present or someplace where one would have a reasonable belief that it was occupied by someone. Arson in the second degree is a second degree felony and involves the same act of causing damage by fire or explosion to any structure in any set of circumstances that is not included within the definition of first degree arson as above. Punishments for arson include jail time of up to 30 years for first degree arson and up to 15 years for second degree arson along with fines of up to $10,000 for either degree of the crime. Additionally, the range of penalties that can be imposed when a defendant is found guilty of either first or second degree arson can be enhanced if anyone is injured as a result of the act of arson.

What Is A Structure?

The concept of a structure for the purposes of Florida’s definition of arson is quite broad. While it includes any type of building, whether permanent or portable, it also includes other types of items that one may not typically regard as a structure. Included within this definition of structure are vehicles, watercraft, and aircraft.

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