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Pre-Teen Girl Avoids Becoming A Victim Of Child Abduction

A quick-thinking young girl avoided potential harm by foiling an abduction attempt as she was walking to a bus stop in Miami the other morning. The 12-year-old girl had just parted ways with her older sisters at their high school before continuing on to her own bus stop when, according to police reports, a man in a vehicle with tinted windows followed her and offered her cash and a ride to school. The man drove away when the girl made a call on her cell phone to the police.

AMBER Alerts And Prompt Response To Abduction Situations

Though this incident was undoubtedly a frightening experience for everyone involved during the actual attempt and in reviewing the events afterwards, thankfully, this story has a happy outcome. For many others, however, the outcome is much different. Many children fall victim to these types of criminal acts every year and the end results are often not as positive. Both in Florida and throughout the nation as a whole we have become much better at promptly handling these incidents through the development of AMBER alerts and notification of abductions.

Florida’s Law Regarding Luring A Child

Florida Code Section 787.025 sets forth the law regarding luring or enticing a child and states that anyone who is 18 years old or older who either attempts to or intentionally does lure or entice a child under 12 years of age to enter a building or vehicle has committed a first degree misdemeanor unless the act was performed for a lawful reason. In this context, a building could mean any type of structure or dwelling of a permanent or temporary nature, and a vehicle includes any motor vehicle, trailer, watercraft, aircraft, or rail car. This classification is raised to a third degree felony if the person has previously been convicted of this type of crime. There is a defense that can be argued in cases involving these charges that involve situations in which the accused  has reason to believe that they are acting in this way to prevent a child from being seriously injured, they had no intent to harm the child, and they are performing the act for a lawful purpose.

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