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Pawn Shop Robbery Leaves Customer Dead


Police are searching for the men involved in the robbery of a local pawn shop that left one customer dead. According to reports, two armed men pulled up to the pawn shop in an SUV and committed the robbery. During the incident, one of the men pointed a gun at store customers while the second man smashed display cases holding jewelry. At some point one of the suspects began firing a weapon and struck a customer, killing him.

Classification Of Robbery – Was a Weapon Involved?

In Florida, robbery is defined in Florida Statute Section 812.13 and classification for the crime is dependent upon several factors. If the accused carries a firearm during the commission of the robbery –  armed robbery, that is – the crime is classified as a first-degree felony; however, if there is no firearm or other weapon of any type carried during the commission of the crime, it is classified as a second-degree felony.

Multiple Offenses Stemming From Pawn Shop Incident

In the case of the pawn shop robbery, there is the added component of the death of the pawn shop customer. Florida law defines murder in Florida Statute Section 782.04 in several ways, one of which is the unlawful killing of a person while trying to commit one of several crimes, including robbery. In this scenario, the crime is first-degree murder – a capital felony. Possible punishments include a death sentence or life imprisonment; in cases in which the state is seeking the death penalty, notice must be given to the defendant and filed within 45 days of the defendant’s arraignment. This notice must include a list of the factors the prosecution intends and believes it is able to prove.

Life Or Death? State’s Choice

In a capital murder case in Florida, the state has the option to choose to pursue only the life imprisonment, and not the death sentence. In these cases in which the death penalty is not sought, if convicted, the defendant will receive a sentence of life imprisonment without possibility of parole. For cases in which the death penalty is not waived, once a defendant is convicted, a separate proceeding is held to determine the appropriate sentence. Because the stakes are so incredibly high when one is accused of these types of crimes, and because a suspect’s future ultimately depends upon the outcome of the case, when facing criminal charges of this nature, you need to ensure you have competent and professional legal representation from the beginning of your case.

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