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Parking Lot Incident Leads To Child Neglect Charges


A South Florida woman is facing charges of child neglect after leaving three children inside a locked vehicle at a local grocery store while she went inside the business. The woman was arrested after law enforcement officials, who were investigating a crash in the business’s parking lot, were alerted to the situation by a private citizen who noticed the children were alone in the vehicle. The car was not turned on, and the windows were rolled down halfway.  The three children, all ages six and under, were left unattended.  According to law enforcement, this inattentiveness put the children at risk since the children could have been abducted or suffered injury if the vehicle had been struck in the parking lot.

Child Neglect In Florida

Under Florida law, anyone who neglects a child without causing bodily injury to the neglected child can be changed with a felony in the third degree. This is the case whether the actions occur once or repeatedly and the neglect only needs to have the potential to injure the child. Neglect itself includes a wide variety of actions – and failures to act – such as failing to provide for the basic needs of a child including housing, food, clothing, medicine and medical services, and supervision. A child’s caregiver can be charged with neglect, also, for failing to protect the child from abuse, exploitation, or neglect inflicted upon them by others.

Penalties And Punishments

In Florida, where neglect does not result in great bodily harm, a conviction can lead to prison terms of up to five years, periods of probation of up to five years, and fines of $5,000. Where the neglect of a child results in great bodily harm to the child, the penalties are far more severe; those convicted of these crimes, which are classified as second degree felonies, include prison terms of up to 15 years, probation periods of up to that same 15 years, and fines of $10,000. In addition to these criminal sanctions, neglect of a child can also impact parental rights negatively – and possibly even result in a complete loss of those rights.

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