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Parents Arrested After Children Found Living in Filth

A home in Miami Gardens was the scene of something out of a horror movie as young children were found living in horrendous conditions beyond what most of us could ever imagine. Two couples, who shared a house with their combined seven children, are likely going to be facing numerous charges for allowing the children to live in a house filled with pests, rodents, and filth. According to the reports, police responded to the house regarding a sick child and when they entered the home they discovered trash and rat droppings on the floors, cockroaches, and live rats running through the house. According to police, the children appeared to have not eaten in days and could not remember when they had last eaten. The adults at the residence were arrested after testing positive for various drugs and the children were placed in foster care for the time being.

The Welfare of Children

Florida Code Section 827.03 defines and sets forth the law regarding child abuse in Florida. Child abuse comes in all forms and includes the subcategories of child neglect, child abuse, and aggravated child abuse. Each of these are crimes with their own separate definitions:

  • Child neglect involves a parent or caregiver’s failure to provide for the needs of a child that are essential for the child’s well-being or the failure to protect a child from being abused in some way by someone else. The reasonable needs of children include the basics – food, clothing, shelter, and medical services, to name a few.
  • Child abuse is defined as intentionally performing an act that could injure a child in either a physical or mental way or encouraging another person to do the same.
  • Aggravated child abuse includes either the aggravated battery, torturing, malicious punishing, or caging of a child, or abusing a child in such a way that the child suffers either severe bodily harm or permanent disability or disfigurement.

Charges for any of these crimes can be based on just one single event or a series of events over a period of time and are classified as felonies.  Whether they will be classified as first, second, or third degree felonies depends upon the specific facts of the case.

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