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Massage Leads To Charge For Prostitution

Local police arrested a woman working at a Hollywood massage business after receiving a tip about prostitution occurring at the business. According to reports, an undercover agent went to the business to investigate and requested a massage. After being told the price, the worker began to massage the officer and then offered him oral sex for $100 more. The undercover officer gave the signal for other waiting officers to come in and arrest the worker.  The worker was then charged with prostitution as well as other charges including unlicensed practice of massage therapy and misrepresentation.

Florida Prostitution Laws

Prostitution is legal in some places – but not Florida. The business of selling sex for money can mean a lot of different things but generally involves the act of prostitution itself along with meetings or appointments set up for prostitution, solicitation, or purchasing prostitution services. Pandering – or, as more people may be familiar with, pimping – is also forbidden by Florida law. Florida law defines these various acts and their classification within the criminal system in Florida Code Section 796.07; most of the crimes are classified as misdemeanors but may be elevated to felonies for subsequent violations, and punishments range from community service, to fines, to treatment programs, to incarceration. The punishments, just like the classifications, depend heavily on whether the act was a first offense or subsequent violation; additionally, punishments vary greatly depending upon the actual circumstances of the incident.

What About Defenses?

As with most criminal acts, there are some defenses that may be successfully argued before the court. In some cases, a defendant may have a valid defense if the sexual activity was not performed for hire or if their circumstance arose as a result of entrapment performed by undercover law enforcement officials. An experienced criminal defense attorney will gather all the details about your case and determine whether or not the facts are sufficient to warrant presenting one of the available defenses. Because of the potential impact a conviction for a crime such as prostitution may have on your future, one of the most important phone calls you can make if you have been charged with this, or any crime, is to an attorney who will work to get you the best possible result.

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