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Man Arrested At Miami Beach Store


A Hollywood man has been arrested at a Miami Beach store and is now facing charges for video voyeurism and stalking after allegedly filming store patrons with his cell phone. According to reports, an employee of the store told the store’s loss prevention officer that a female customer had reported the man had placed his cell phone up her skirt; the report included allegations that this was not an isolated incident and that the man had done the same thing to other women in the store as well. The man was arrested at a nearby pharmacy after Miami Beach police were alerted to the situation. According to reports, the Hollywood man has previous charges for voyeurism.

Video Voyeurism? What Does This Mean?

Florida defines video voyeurism in Florida Statute Section 810.145 as an offense in which a person intentionally and secretly views their victim without the victim’s knowledge and consent while the victim is in a state of undress in a place and at a time where and when the victim has a reasonable expectation of privacy. This can include viewing the victim’s body or the undergarments worn by the victim and, according to Florida law, the act can be performed either for the defendant’s own or on behalf of another person’s amusement or sexual arousal, among other reasons, or to degrade or abuse his or her victim. Additional crimes defined in this section of the Florida Statutes include those pertaining to dissemination of images obtained through these means.

Punishments For Video Voyeurism

The classification of the crime of video voyeurism and the penalties and punishments for those convicted of the crime depends heavily on the ages of both the accused and the victim as well as whether the convicted person has any previous convictions for the same criminal acts. Defendants under the age of 19 years old will be charged with a first degree misdemeanor, but defendants who are at least 19 years of age will be charged with a third degree felony. When the defendant’s victim is under the age of 16 or in certain educational facility settings and circumstances, the crime is classified as a second degree felony. Additionally, if the defendant has previous convictions, the crime is classified as a second degree felony. If you are facing charges for these types of crimes, and because of the complexity of the laws surrounding this type of criminal activity, it is important to speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney to ensure you fully understand the nature of the charges and the potential outcomes of your case.

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