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Man Accused Of Murder Of Miami Mother And Children

A mother and two of her teenage children were shot to death in the Miami area recently. The man suspected of the crime has been located in Savannah, Georgia, arrested for the crimes, and will now face murder charges upon his anticipated return to Miami-Dade County. According to police records, the man shot the mother after an argument while she was inside her home. Her teenage daughter was also shot as she tried to protect her mother. Another teenage child was shot during the incident as well, and he and his mother and sister all died as a result of the shootings. Another of the mother’s children, a 12-year-old boy, was also shot but is recovering in the hospital. According to reports, the suspected shooter is the father of three of the deceased mother’s children and has a police record for various charges including assault and drug possession.

Is Every Act Of Killing The Same?

We tend to hear a lot of terms tossed around in the media and conversation for the act of killing someone – murder, homicide, manslaughter – and while these terms generally all mean that someone has been killed, they are far from one and the same. Each of these different terms is used to describe a specific act, each very different from the others. Chapter 782 of the Florida Code defines each of these terms and what elements must be present for someone to be found guilty of each different type of act and, in particular, Section 782.04 defines the crime of murder as the unlawful killing of a human being that takes place within a specific set of factors. It can be premeditated or committed during the commission of another crime, and the specific circumstances under which a murder is committed will dictate the classification of the crime and the penalties that may be imposed should the defendant be found guilty.

Defenses To Murder

While in many cases it may seem like there would be no plausible defense that could be argued, in many cases there may be some that are available. Florida law provides for several defenses to murder including the justifiable use of deadly force as set forth in Section 782.02 and excusable homicide, which is provided for in Section 782.03. Speaking with a good criminal defense attorney who is able to determine whether there is an available defense in your case is imperative and, as should be quite obvious, could make a real difference in the outcome of your case.

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