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Horse Meat Sale Leads To Man’s Arrest

A Miami-area man is facing criminal charges associated with the unlawful sale of horse meat as the result of an investigation conducted on his alleged slaughterhouse. According to reports, the man was brought to the attention of authorities though an informant.  As a part of the police investigation, he allegedly sold house meat to undercover detectives three times over the course of two months. The unregulated practice of selling horse meat, which has not been inspected, raises numerous food safety issues.  Currently, there is no facility licensed in this country to slaughter horses for this purpose. Those who know the suspect maintain his innocence.

Florida’s Law On The Sale Of Horse Meat

In Florida, the sale of horse meat is regulated by law. For horse meat to be sold for human consumption, the meat must be clearly stamped, marked, and described as such. In addition to the sale of horse meat being against the law unless these conditions are met, actions associated with the sale such as transporting and distributing the meat are also unlawful. In addition to the labeling requirements under the law, the meat must also be acquired from a slaughterhouse licensed to provide this product. The policy for only allowing the sale of meat for human consumption that has been provided by a slaughterhouse that has been properly inspected under federal regulations is in place to keep the public’s food supply safe and disease-free.

Punishments Under The Law

If found guilty of violating this law against the sale of horse meat for human consumption, one can be incarcerated and can also be ordered to pay a mandatory minimum fine of $3,500.00.  The crime is classified as a felony in the third degree. Additionally, if the convicted person is associated as an owner or employee of any restaurant, store, or other business that is involved with the illegal activity, the license for that business can be suspended.

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