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Home Invasion Attempt Ends In Death


A man with an extremely long history of criminal activity attempted what ultimately became his last home invasion in Broward County in the overnight hours of one recent night. The man, who was armed and masked, was observed by witnesses as he skulked around the targeted home. When he then tried to get into the house, the person living in the house confronted him and an argument broke out. After the intruder gained entry to the house, the resident retrieved a gun and killed him.

Getting Away With Murder (Or Something Like That)

As we all know, killing someone is generally against the law. Whether it is called murder, homicide, or manslaughter, if your action leads to someone’s death, you will be held responsible for that act. As a society, however, we recognize there are occasions in which there may be a defense to charges for your actions and, according to Florida law, there are specific circumstances under which use of deadly force is considered justifiable. According to Florida Statute Section 782.02, deadly force can be used justifiably when a person’s life is at stake. For instance, if you are being threatened with murder and in protecting yourself from being murdered you end up killing the person threatening you, then your use of deadly force in doing so is justified. In addition, if a person is committing a felony upon you in your home – such as a case like this Broward home invasion – deadly force is justifiable as well.

Just The Facts

Each criminal case is fact-specific and what may be considered justifiable use of deadly force in one case may not meet the criteria in another case with slightly different facts. Because a criminal case involving these matters can change the course of your life forever, it is important to speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney if you have been involved in any type of case in which so much is at stake. An experienced criminal defense attorney will be able to assess your case, know what defenses are available to you, and help you develop a strategy for dealing effectively with your charges.

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