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Counterfeit $100 Bills In Cooper City


Authorities are searching for a man who was passing counterfeit $100 bills recently in Cooper City.  According to reports, the man tried to use the bill to make a purchase at a local business and, despite the cashier using a counterfeit pen to test the bill and it passing the test, the cashier noticed the bill’s texture did not feel like it is supposed to feel. The business owner and employees spread the word about the counterfeit bills to other area businesses and authorities were alerted; the sheriff’s office is now trying to find the man and is asking for the public’s assistance to do so.

Florida Law And Counterfeiting

Under Florida law, passing a counterfeit bill is a felony of the third degree. Some of the other crimes that fall under this specific section of Florida Code include altering or falsifying legal or financial documents, insurance policies, receipt, or promissory notes. The crime includes an element of intent – the suspected counterfeiter must have had the intent to injure or defraud someone by committing their actions. As a felony of the third degree, conviction for this crime can result in punishments of up to five years in prison and fines of up to $5,000; however, as is the case with many, if not most, crimes here in Florida as well as in many other jurisdictions, circumstances and facts specific to any given case can result in lesser jail sentences and fines or longer prison sentences and larger fines.

Defenses To Counterfeiting Charges

Conviction for any type of criminal act can result in long lasting and devastating effects to one’s future and, because of this, any and all criminal charges need to be treated as the serious matters they are. Because of the impact that a conviction can have on your future ability to perform any type of life activity or event, speaking with an experienced criminal defense attorney is something that should be done right away. There are often defenses that may be available to an individual accused of a particular crime, but these may need to be asserted from the start of the case. In the case of counterfeit charges, several defenses are available including a lack of intent to injure or defraud the victim, a lack of knowledge about the counterfeit or forged item, and insanity.

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