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Cops And Robbers


Three members of a Hallandale Beach family were victims of an armed home invasion one recent evening when three men entered their home posing as police officers conducting an investigation. Upon gaining entry to the home, the men tied up two of the family members and then had the third lead them around the house to gather valuables including jewelry and cash before tying him up as well. According to reports, police were searching for the three men who had left in a car that the victims said looked like a police vehicle.

Impersonating A Police Officer

Once police apprehend these three men, they will likely be facing a variety of charges, including impersonating a police officer, among others. The crime of impersonating a police officer is defined in Florida Statute Section 843.0855 in the chapter dealing with obstruction of justice. According to Florida law, deliberately impersonating or falsely acting as an officer is a third-degree felony and those who are convicted of the crime can be subject to imprisonment of up to five years, up to five years of probation, or fines of up to $5,000 – or any combination of the three. The false impersonation charge will likely be enhanced to a second-degree felony, as the crime was allegedly committed during the course of committing other felonies. In cases in which someone is killed or injured during the commission of the crime of impersonating an officer, the false impersonation offense would then be a first degree felony. For first degree felonies, combinations of prison terms of up to thirty years, probation of up to thirty years, and up to $10,000 in fines can be imposed.

For second degree felonies, any combination of prison terms up to fifteen years, probation of up to fifteen years, and $10,000 in fines can be imposed.

What’s Your Defense?

Defenses may be available in cases of false impersonation of an officer. Speaking with an experienced criminal defense attorney who can assess your case and determine any available defenses is a necessary first step if you have been charged in any criminal case.

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