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A Way to Be Removed From Florida’s Sex-Offender Registry

By Deric Zacca, PA |

A sex crime conviction will change your life forever. To be sure, the details of the crime determine the penalties you will face. There happens to be a Florida law that many people don’t know about –or misunderstand– that can be a lifesaver for certain individuals convicted of statutory sex crimes; it’s commonly referred… Read More »


Sexual Assault In Northwest Miami-Dade

By Deric Zacca, PA |

As a result of an incident that took place in Northwest Miami-Dade in which a woman was sexually assaulted, police are searching for a man suspected of committing the crime. According to authorities, the woman was threatened at knifepoint and the suspect is considered to be armed and dangerous. Sexual Battery – Defined By… Read More »


Miami Man Charged With Possession Of Child Pornography

By Deric Zacca, PA |

A Miami man is facing criminal charges of possession of child pornography after a box of photographs was found in an abandoned storage unit rented most recently to him. According to reports, the man had stopped making monthly rental payments at the storage facility. The contents of the unit were sold and, when the… Read More »

Uber Driver Charged With Sexual Crimes

By Deric Zacca, PA |

Different versions of the story have emerged in the case of a South Florida Uber driver who has been arrested on several charges of sexual battery resulting from incidents that took place over the first half of the year. The driver, who has been accused of sexual assault by three separate women in Boynton… Read More »

Massage Leads To Charge For Prostitution

By Deric Zacca, PA |

Local police arrested a woman working at a Hollywood massage business after receiving a tip about prostitution occurring at the business. According to reports, an undercover agent went to the business to investigate and requested a massage. After being told the price, the worker began to massage the officer and then offered him oral… Read More »

Teens Facing Serious Charges Stemming From Sexual Assault

By Deric Zacca, PA |

Teenagers – we have all been there at one time and know how hard it is to resist peer pressure. Not many of us made it into adulthood without doing at least one thing that we probably regretted in retrospect because ‘everyone else was doing it.’ For things like sneaking a cigarette or cutting… Read More »

What is the Statute of Limitations?

By Deric Zacca, PA |

With any case brought before a civil or criminal court, the question of whether the case has been filed in a timely manner must always be asked and answered.  Florida’s statute of limitations provides the time periods within which a particular type of case must be filed.  Think of the statute of limitations as… Read More »