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When Youth are Charged as Adults

By Deric Zacca, PA |

During the get tough era in Florida, between 2006 and 2011, nearly 16,000 youth under age 18 were charged as adults in Florida courtrooms. The idea was that, whether the crime was violent or not, “super-predators” were emerging from the ranks of juvenile offenders, and they needed to be handled with swift and harsh… Read More »


Bullying Leads To Body Slam In High School Fight

By Deric Zacca, PA |

An incident which allegedly began with bullying and led to a body slam has resulted in both participants being suspended from school for ten days. Claiming self-defense, the teenager who ended the fight with a body slam and another teenager were videotaped punching each other while other students watched; the body-slammer claimed that the… Read More »