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Bullying Leads To Body Slam In High School Fight


An incident which allegedly began with bullying and led to a body slam has resulted in both participants being suspended from school for ten days. Claiming self-defense, the teenager who ended the fight with a body slam and another teenager were videotaped punching each other while other students watched; the body-slammer claimed that the other teen had bullied him earlier in the day and had pushed him.  When he pushed back, the fight ensued, and ended when the body-slammer picked up the other student and slammed him to the ground before walking away.

Acting In Self Defense?

Though no one was seriously injured and no criminal charges were filed in this case, all too often a fight does result in injuries to one or more of the participants and, depending upon the circumstances, it is not unusual for criminal charges to be filed. In cases where charges for criminal acts such as assault and/or battery are charged, some defendants do try to claim they acted in self defense – and in some cases, the facts do back up their claims.

Assault And Battery In Florida

Under Florida law, there are several different types of assault – simple assault, aggravated assault, and felony assault.  With each, there must be intent – either to threaten the victim, cause the victim fear, or to carry out violent action – and the defendant must have done something either verbally or physically to demonstrate that threat and show an ability to carry through on the threat. Lastly, the victim must have feared that he or she faced imminent harm. Similarly, there are several types of battery under Florida law as well – simple, aggravated, and misdemeanor; if the defendant has prior convictions for battery, he or she may be charged with felony battery.

Other Available Defenses

In addition to a claim of self defense, there are other defenses that may be available to a defendant facing assault and/or battery charges. The defendant may claim that the incident was an accident, there was no intent, or there was consent for physical contact. Besides claiming self defense, a defendant can also assert that he or she was defending another person or property from harm. Speaking with an experienced criminal defense attorney is the best way to determine what defenses may be available to you if you are facing criminal charges.

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