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Is It Legal to Leave a Child in the Car in Florida?

By Deric Zacca, PA |

Parents have been tempted to leave their children in the car while they run inside for a quick errand. After a few high-profile tragedies involving the deaths of children left in vehicles, states began cracking down on this practice. Nineteen states, including Florida, have laws defining the (il)legality of leaving a child alone in… Read More »


Drug Charge? Potentially Avoid Jail Time

By Deric Zacca, PA |

According to statistics from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, nearly 100,000 individuals are arrested for drug-related offenses on an annual basis in Florida. Florida’s criminal justice system has been increasingly lenient on drug and alcohol offenders. The state justice system is beginning to recognize that many drug and alcohol related offenses stem from… Read More »


What Is Petty Theft?

By Deric Zacca, PA |

In 2016 there were over 200,000 cases of theft in the state of Florida. Of course, all of these cases cannot be lumped into one category, and every situation is unique and varies in degree of severity. However, one of the most common instances of theft is “petty theft”, this term is loosely thrown… Read More »


Embezzlement in Florida: Former State Representative Indicted

By Deric Zacca, PA |

In a case Americans have come far too accustomed to hearing in the news, another politician has been charged in connection with the embezzlement of campaign funds. The case involves former Florida State Representative Dwayne Taylor of Daytona Beach. Mr. Taylor was indicted on nine counts associated with a scheme to move funds from… Read More »


You’ve Been Arrested, What Are Your Rights?

By Deric Zacca, PA |

In the event that you have been arrested, there may be hundreds of thoughts racing through your mind as you try to cope with the reality that your freedom may be in jeopardy. During this time period it is common for people to experience extreme stress and anxiety as uncertainty sets in, however, it… Read More »


What if I Violate My Federal Probation?

By Deric Zacca, PA |

Probation is typically a part of a sentence and normally follows incarceration. Due to the serious nature of sentencing, the violation of probation can have severe consequences. Recently, the United States Attorney’s office has been paying increased attention to tracking down individuals who have violated their probation. Although by no means an excuse, there… Read More »


What Should You Do if Police Ask to Search Your Vehicle?

By Deric Zacca, PA |

During routine traffic stops a police officer may ask to search your car if they believe there are weapons or narcotics in the vehicle. Fortunately, the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution generally protects against random police searches like this. If an officer were to search your car without permission, the search would be in… Read More »


Can The Police Request A Blood Draw If I’ve Been Arrested For DUI?

By Deric Zacca, PA |

Typically, when an individual is suspected of driving under the influence, the police administer a breathalyzer and field sobriety tests in order to see if the suspect had been drinking, however, due to extenuating situations the police may be unable to perform field sobriety tests. Situations like this are typically common when a suspect… Read More »


Counterfeit $100 Bills In Cooper City

By Deric Zacca, PA |

Authorities are searching for a man who was passing counterfeit $100 bills recently in Cooper City.  According to reports, the man tried to use the bill to make a purchase at a local business and, despite the cashier using a counterfeit pen to test the bill and it passing the test, the cashier noticed… Read More »



By Deric Zacca, PA |

Federal Mail and Wire Fraud Charges in Connection with Purported Jamaican Lottery A 49-year-old Miramar, Florida resident was recently arrested following the return of a federal indictment on two (2) counts of mail fraud and ten (10) counts of wire fraud – in connection with a fraudulent lottery scheme tied to Jamaica. The federal indictment… Read More »